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as far as i’m concerned the “it’s a metaphor line” in tfios isn’t the strongest but some of yall lambasting it like you weren’t exactly the same level of pretentious fuckface in high school i s2g i’m irl laughin at how mad people are b/c some fictional 16y/os with cancer aren’t fully self-actualized

was entirely unaware john green was in high school. did not know john green was a fictional 16 year old with cancer. this makes my life so much easier. it was all a metaphor all along.

wow you’re really hilarious also missing the point

Augustus Waters is a character- a 16 year old character who is pretty pretentious. jfc there are differences between authors and characters.

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Eight years ago, I got into that Tina Fey world and it’s hard to get out of it. She is everything you kind of want her to be. Best writer I’ve ever been around, and just a great person, great human being. When she first said, “I wrote another pilot, would you look at it?”. I thought, “I can’t go back to New York”. And I read it. I knew right away. I was on page 3 and I was like, “Ugh, I’m gonna do this”. The [Tooken] script is so funny. It’s the funniest pilot I’ve ever read since the 30 Rock pilot.
Jack Burditt on Tina Fey and working on Tooken. (via elizabethtinafeys)

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i didn’t do my homework but i did do this

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when will the bullying end

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Just saw Michael Che! It goes without saying that he’s hilarious, but also a total sweetheart. His stand up was like a conversation- he was on stage for 2 and a half hours without realizing. WOOOO I’m still laughing.

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currently first in line to see Michael Che
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